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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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nightmare so i've had to up front pay for the rehab sources. >> this is what all parties are hoping for. there is plenty ahead, weather, traffic and all your top stories are coming up next. fox 5 morning news continues right now. there is a live look at the washington monument on this monday, july 4th, 2011. pretty picture out there but that picture is much calm are than what many of us experienced last night. strong storms rolled through starting around 6:30 in the eke. they kept coming for a few hours. pouring rain and whipping winds brought down trees and power lines all around. right now, about 13,000 customers in virginia, maryland and d.c. are still without power on this independence day. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm wisdom martin. steve chenevey is off today. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> we do know of one storm- related death, a 56-year-old
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man would was killed as a tree fell on him as he was riding his bike on the c & o towpath. this happened near poolesville. let's talk about what is going on right now with the weather. tucker? >> yes, i'm ready to talk. it is getting quieter and quieter. that is the good news. can't rule out the possibility later today. we might get an isolated thunderstorm. just be ready for. it i don't think they'll be as widespread as they were yesterday when we had a lot of problems. later today, one or two thunderstorms in this rather summery air mass. let's get right to the radar. see the shower activity kind of fading out during the overnight hours. the daytime heating is there that it needs to feed the thunderstorm activity. out to the west, a few more showers. we have a cold front wavering across the region and that will serve as a focal point for a
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few more showers and thunderstorms to bubble up later today. bwi marshall, 71 degrees. here is your forecast for today. fourth of july forecast, looking typical. partly sunny skies, a few storms possible. highs low to mid-90s, 90 to 9 # degrees. >> thank you. let's fawned out what is happening on the area roadways. hopefully not too much for this holiday. lauren demarco has that. >> it will be very quiet with our major arteries as you head in this morning but you can expect a lot of closures around the national mall. if you are traveling the bay bridge heading back from the beach later today, busiest travel times are between 10:00 and 6:00. route 9 between 704 and 287 is closed due to a downed power
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line. we to have an accident reported at the washington times planted after bladensburg road. traveling the beltway, you will find your lanes are open for business all around town. no real problems. here you are crossing the wilson bridge. nice, easy trip. american legion bridge looks pretty much the same. no problems 270 or 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. lots of july 4th celebrations throughout the area. >> the annual concert and forks on the national mall. that is the grand-taddie of them all. sarah simmons has what you need to know today. >> reporter: hello to you both. you know, it has been quite active, at least storm-wise around the area so that put crews behind just a little bit. they have a lot of fourth of july prep that they have to do. you can kind see at least from where we are quite a few flood lights back there so i'm sure they're hard at work trying to get everything situated down here on the national mall. it will be another hot one here for the july 4th celebration and a lot of things that folks
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need to know as thousands of people will be expected to be down here for this. public access to the mall itself is going to begin at about 10:00 a.m. that is when folk will be allowed into the secure entrances. u.s. park service is recommending that people do not drive if they are. coming down to the festivities. they are encouraging people to take metro. here is what you need to know about metro if you plan on coming down to the mall. it will be open from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. the smithsonian station is going to be closed but will reopen for entry only after the fireworks so just keep that in mind. metro will have six and eight- car trains in order to get the flow of people out of here as quickly as they can. another thing to keep in puget sound for safety reasons. metro says most of the escalators or man of them will actually be off. keep that in mind. you may end up doing a lot more walking. some other information that you need to know if you are coming
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down here, what can you bring being what you cannot bring. they are telling people you cannot bring grills, no alcohol, no glass bottles. also no personal fireworks. here is the thing though. if you do want to bring coolers and backpacks those are allowed but they will be searched and checked at the tent entrances marked by some of the large white tents. so keep that in mind if you are heading down here. and the concert itself, that is always a huge event. that will be starting at 8:00 p.m. they're going to be allowing access for that concert, people to start flooding in about 3:00 in the afternoon. hue are some of the nams of folks you may recognize. -- here are some of the names of folks you may recognize, matthew morrison and jordan sparks. back to you. >> thank you. president obama and the first family will celebrate july 4th in town. they will host a barbecue this
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evening for service members and their families. at national archives today, the annual reading of the declaration of independence. that starts at 10:00 this morning. a group of new citizens will be naturalized today at mount vernon. that is not the only thing happening at george washington's home this fourth of july. we'll find out fore from holly morris. the other big story today, the casey anthony murder trial. after more than a month of testimony, the defense has delivered its closing arguments. today, the prosecution gives its rebuttal and jurors are expected to begin deliberations. jessica stone has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the jury is set to make the decision about whether or not 25-year-old casey anthony is guilty of the murder of her #- year-old daughter that, coming after the -- her 2-year-old daughter, that coming after the prosecution gets a chance to rebut the defense team's
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closing arguments. prosecutors and defense attorneys went toe to toe on sunday. >> he died because her mother decided the life she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated and the defendant is guilty. >> this prosecution would raise the level of desperation to make up for that you are lack of evidence. >> reporter: the state called casey anthony a liar who murdered her daughter caylee. maria heal says the prosecutor was methodical and succinct in his close arguments. >> he came right out of the box and talked about that. he said it is not just the lie. it is the reason behind the lie. it is how she perpetuated them and changed it when it worked to her benefit. >> reporter: the defense attorney chiped away at the prosecution's theory. he said it was so weak, they tried to portray her as, quote, a lying, no-good slut.
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>> he doesn't have direct evidence of premeditation and he certainly didn't convince me that casey anthony is guilty of premeditated murder. >> reporter: after the state's rebuttal, the jury will get the case. they are only allowed to deliberate until 6:30 each day. this seven-woman being five-man jury, half of them are parents. >> thank you for that report. it is no day off for environmental workers out west. >> they are deal with the queen clean-up of a big oil spill and the big question remains just how much oil got into the yellow stone river and how far did it go. we are checking the headlines next. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast?
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ate significant oil spill in the yellowstone river in montana. a ruptured pipe line leaked oil. there were reports of oil as far as 100 miles away. exxon mobil says the 12-inch pipeline was shut down threarl in may as a precaution due to high water and that tea ali
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hassam abass airubaeye may have badged the pipeline. finally some relief for people forced in from their homes because of the fires in new mexico. rain gave firefighters a boost. the people living in los alamos can return home after being forced to evacuate last monday. the fire has burn more than 120,000 auctioners. terrifying moments at a hotel crowded with fourth of july tourists. gunshots rang out at the doubletree in memphis around 7:00 last night. a police officer and another person were killed. police say officers were on the scene after being called out for a domestic dispute. it is tradition on the fourth of july for new citizens to be sworn in. >> what exactly does it take to become a u.s. citizen these days including the cost. we'll take a closer look coming up. after an afternoon which
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she held her own for years again the guys but today, season yitzhak rabin the black widow thomas will go against eight other women in the nathan's july 4th hot dog eating contest. for the first time in almost 100 years, organizers decided to have i women-only contest. thomas, who is from alexandria, virginia, hold the women's world record. back in 2009, she stuffed 41 hot dogs into her 105-pound frame in just 10 minutes. now, i can eat and i am hungry but i don't know if i would even go in that direction. >> no. she came into the station a few years ago. shing she tripled my intake of
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chicken wings. >> but you're novice. >> i'm not an expert, there is no doubt about it. i think she will win that contest today. >> it will be interesting. >> going to give vegas a call and put some money down. >> can you work on your skills today. >> exactly. i've been improving my time. >> you are an expert in weather. >> i like to think i am. let's get to the numbers. the showers and severe weather we had roll through here yesterday, we had a wind gust down at the national mall, 70 miles per hour yesterday. yeah, that is some serious stuff. that is all out of here and we are now looking at gradually improving conditions. i can't call the temperatures cool but at least they are not in the low to mid-90s like they were yesterday afternoon. 57 in the city. 68 in gaithersburg. 73 at the moment in annapolis. quantity co, 72. fredericksburg, 72 degrees. a few leftover sprinkles. this is a couple of hours ago. you see the shower activity rally starting to fall apart.
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we have one little batch there well off to the south and west. i don't think that will get in here as it is falling apart. a frontal system being actual lit cold front is off to the north. it will quickly sink south here during the course of the day. that will seven as the sort of phonal point to provide a little lift in the atmosphere later on this affect. later on this afternoon. couldn't rowle out the -- can't rule out the possibility that we'll see a few thunderstorms this afternoon. look out for the possibility of more thunderstorm activity later today. again, i think most of the day will be dry but certainly here by mid- to late afternoon, we have the possibility of a few more thunderstorms and then things will quiet down overnight. code orange air quality today. that is a moderate air quality. partly sunny skies, a few afternoon and evening thunderstorms. 92degrees t should feel better for you today than yesterday. yesterday, very, very humid
5:19 am
with dew point temperature in the 70s. 73 tonight. just not going to cool off. we'll be in for the typical july weather. could be a shower or thunderstorm much of the week. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's do some on-time traffic and lauren demarco is in. >> we are still tealing with the effects of the storms we saw last night. if you are traveling in vince, north green bay between 34th and 38th, do watch for branches down across the roadway. taking a live hook as you head northbound traveling 95, no problems to report for you heading up toward laurel. southbound, everything look good as you make the trip to co 95, # 95 look pretty good.
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no problems heading through lakeshore son. -- 395 looking pretty food. no problems heading through lorton. coming up, a prison inmate sues the state. >> up next, what he says he is being denied that constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. stay with us. we'll have that and more when fox morning news returns. right now, it is 5:19. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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welcome back. a motorcyclist riding in protest of new york's helmet laws tied in a crash. the man flipped over the handlebars of his harley and hit his head on the pavement. it happened saturday afternoon near syracuse. the map was riding with a group of bikers who were protesting the law by not wearing helmets. troopers say a helmet would have saved his life. a michigan jail inmate has filed a lawsuit claiming his civil rights are being violated by being denied pornography. cal richards says denying his request for erotic material subjects him to a poor standard of living and sexual and sensey deprivation. pornographic materials are banned at jails but some is allowed in prison. richards pleaded guilty to a bank robbery in july. today, thousands of people will officially become u.s. citizens. naturalization ceremonies often happen on the fourth of july but just how do immigrants go about becoming citizens.
5:24 am
we have a report. >> reporter: words they've waited a lifetime to say. >> i here by declare on oath. >> reporter: waving american flags, hundreds stand to take the oath that will change their lives forever. >> congratulations, new citizens of the united states. >> reporter: for immigrants in this room, these certificates mark the end of a long road and the start of a new life. some have fled wars and religious persecution while others have always wantedded to come for freedom and opportunity. >> happy to be in america. >> i got asylum. >> i came by lottery, green card. >> i came here as a refugee, yes. >> reporter: how do you become an american citizen. there are base you can first steps. you must be 1 and have a green card. that allows to you live and work here legally. before you can apply to become a u.s. citizen, first, you have to be a permanent rest didn't for at least five years. if you marry a u.s. citizen, then that process only takes three years.
5:25 am
>> a lot of people think, if you marry a u.s. citizen, you're automatically a citizen the doesn't work that way. >> no. you are not automatically a permanent resident either. >> reporter: at u.s. crit zenship and immigration, dennis reardon says most people are sponsored by a family member or their jobs. after the five years, permanent resident may apply for citizenship. after filling out this form, fingerprints are taken, extensive criminal background checks are performed and their entire up inauguration history is reviewed. there is also a fee. >> so the total cost of making application is $680. >> reporter: after effect checks out, the next step is the citizenship test. of 100 possible history and government questions, a computer randomly chooses 10 and you have to get six correct. that is a verbal test you take with an immigration officer. you also have to speak and automobile to write a sentence in english. >> it is a fair test. it is a test that will require a person to work to make
5:26 am
sacrifices torque study and they earn citizenship. it isn't handed to them. >> do you remember what i colony is? >> there are groups that hold citizenship classes. students learn about the refuse lotion arrestee war wra. very good. >> reporter: for people would don't pass the first time, you are given a second chance the after that, it is on to the naturalization ceremony. >> i have heretofore -- >> and the together that makes you an american. >> reporter: for some, this process take years and costs tens of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees. >> between me and my son, i believe i spend more than $20,000. when you come from those countries, you don't know what to do. you start with the wrong people and they take your money and they never do anything. >> reporter: at the nonprofit irish immigration center in boston, the managing attorney says the right lawyer can help guide people through the system. >> they are coming into a system that is unknown and a little unfamiliar and i think a lot of people would like to
5:27 am
have their hand held through that process. >> reporter: up graig officials say the process is set up so people can do it on their own. they understand it can be intimidating because they say they want people to succeed. >> it has to be a process that is welcome. we want people to become citizens. >> reporter: now, more than 400 new american citizens greatle to have come this far. >> i'm very happy and very proud to be in america. my dream come true. >> we love the people. we love the country. to be here working, living, have a follow family. >> at a certain point, i was thinking you don't have a country. and now this is the best time i have a country. >> reporter: the path isn't easy and it comes with a price. in the end for these many faces, it is worth it. happy fourth of july. >> very good. >> still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news.
5:28 am
sarah simmons is on our big story today. >> reporter: crews or the national mall preparing for the big fourth of july celebration. coming up, what you need to know to prepare if you plan on heading to the mall today. that is the latest when fox 5 morning news returns. ll right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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clean-up is under way this morning after severe storms moved through the region last night. take a look at the trees and branches across the road in
5:31 am
arlington. self cars that, house were damaged by falling trees. a similar scene in the district where one traffic signal was knocked to the ground. thousands of people would came out to the national mall for the capital 4th tress rehearsal were evacuated. a man was killed by a falling tree while he was riding his bike yesterday on the c & o tow path. it happened just before 7:00 last night near mile marker 33 near poolesville. man was in his 50s. now, it hopefully won't be that bad today. >> i certainly hope not. we should have generally improving conditions from yesterday. that being said, can't rule out the possibility that he with won't see a few showers and thunderstorms pop up later today. the frontal system that was responsessible for the terrible weather yesterday, it is still in the neighborhood. >> so for the fourth of july, typical weather from what we have. >> hot, huge -- humid, maybe a
5:32 am
thunderstorm. >> we've got generally quieter weather. the exception down towards charlottesville. if you are going down 95, you might encounter one or two showers. the rest of the us, just a soupy atmosphere out there. a lot of humidity this morning with all the rain we had overnight. close to an inch of rain at reagan national. this is a lot rain. we'll dry things out. our wind will shift out of the north and west. it will be less humid than yesterday. with that that being said, with temperatures pushing the 90- degree mark, the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms later today. check out that humidity, 79%. perhaps an afternoon thunderstorm. less hugeious than yesterday. we'll go about 92 for the afternoon high. >> thank you. appreciate if. time to check in with lauren demarco and see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning to all of you.
5:33 am
our major arteries dealing with pretty light volumes. that is some good news. we do have a little bit of aftereffects. route 9 at 704 in loudoun county, some power cables reportedly down there. got an accident reported in springfield, shirley great geat road at braddock road. you can see some activity in the intersection here. we do have clean closures. watch for that. elsewhere around town as you are travel, very light volume. no real problems to report on 66 out of centreville in past route 50 fair oaks continuing toward nutley street and the beltway. your lanes are open and incident-free. 270 looks good out of germantown. no incidents to report. the beltway incident-free right now as well. keep in mind downtown, we'll have a lot of closures today. a lot of pedestrians there. that's a check of your fox 5
5:34 am
on-time traffic. a huge crowd will gather on the national mall today to celebrate independence day. >> but you better pack some patience if you are heading to the big show. >> that's right. this is the big daddy of them all. tens of thousands of people that are expected to be down here for the big fourth of july celebration. the public access to the national mall itself is going to start at about 10:00 a.m. so that is what folks can start filtering down near and getting your favorite spot down here on the national mall. the u.s. park service, they are saying, please, do not drive down here. they are asking people to take metro to get down here. they think that will be your best bet. here is some information you need to know about metro itself. it is going to be open from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. the smithsonian metro stop, that one is actually going to be closed but will reopen for entry only after the fireworks. they can try to get people oust here as quickly as possible. they will be running six and eight-car trains and for safety
5:35 am
measures, many of the escalators will be off. people need to keep that in mind. you will be walking coming in and out of the metro stop. here is what you need to know to bring or not to bring down here. there are restrictions on that. no grills, no alcohol, no glass bottles and no fireworks. coolers and backpacks are allowed. the only thing is, if you do bring them through, they will be checking those at the 10 entrance points which are marked by some large white tents which you will notice when you get down here. they will be checking to make sure you do not bring alcohol with you. let's take a look at the concert. that will be starting at 8:00 tonight. here are some of the fox posming. matthew morrison from glee, josh groban, steve martin and jordin sparks. it will be a hot one. remember to keep the water with
5:36 am
you as well and be safe as you head town here for the fourth of july. b a ck to you. time to take a look at the morning's other top stories. calls for prince george's county councilmember leslie johnson to rezone. four of her colleagues now want that to happen. last week, johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit witness and evidence tampering. she admitted to following strucks from her husband to flush a $100,000 check from a developer and then stuffed more than $79,000 in cash in her undergarment. four council members and county exec rush enbaker are calling for johnson to leave the council. she will be required when she is sentenced in october but not before then. another big story we are following this morning, debt debate shows no signs of reaching a resolution any time soon. there is less than a month left
5:37 am
to reach an agreement. fox 5's steve centanni has the latest. >> reporter: a verbal slap today at the obama administration from a key republican who says the president has no constitutional advantage in the current debt showdown. treasury secretary timothy geithner invoked the 14th amendment of the constitution recently apparently attempting to cast doubt on the legality of a debt limit. the amendment says in part the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned. >> that is crazy talk. it is not acceptable for congress and president not to do their job and to say somehow the president has the authority to then base you canally do this by himself. we ought to sit down and work together. >> reporter: meantime, there is talk of reaching a minuteee deal on the debt with a limited timespan. former president bill clinton saying last night in aspen that is among the possibilities going forward. he said in part i hope they will make minuteee deal. there are some spending cuts they agree on and president
5:38 am
obama can take those and get an extension of the debt cerealing for six or eight months. senator cornyn didn't does miss the idea. >> the problem with the mineee deal -- mini deal is we have a maxi problem. next, some relief for home owners forced out by wildfires in arizona. fire officials say they now know what caused the blaze that threatened the los alamos nuclear laboratory senate officials are looking into an oil spill in the yellowstone river. there is some debate over just how much damage has been done. we'll be right back.
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deadly violence at a hotel crowded with fourth of july tourist. a police officer and anotherperson were shot and killed at the doubletree hotel in memphis last night. police say officers were on the scene after being called out for a domestic dispute. the officer who was shot took the stairs while another officers took the elevator. fire fills say a tree falling onto power lines sparked the los alamos wildfire. the fire has burned more than
5:42 am
121,000 aches are and is only 11% contained but there is a bit of good news. some residents evacuated in los alamos and nearby communities were allowed to return to their homes this weekend. in montana, officials are trying to determine exactly how much oil leaked from a ruptured pipeline into the yellow stone river. exxon mobil owns the pipeline. company officials say the damage appears to be limited to a 10-mile stretch of the river. however, there have been reports of oil as far as 100 miles away. montana's governor says more inspections need to be done. coming up next, he is best nonfor his small screen role on gray's anatomy. >> pat recollect december -- patrick dempsey is trying something new working in transformers. hear what he has to say about that. we'll have a look at the weather and traffic. stay with us.
5:43 am
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. i see we were all thinking the same way. >> yes, we were. >> with the red, white and blue. >> we didn't call each oo. we are all in the mine set. >> 235th birthday of the united states. >> i remember 200. >> yes, it was 35 years ago. >> reagan national, almost an inch. that is a lot of rain. good, soaking rain across the area. rather gloomy forecast yesterday afternoon when the storms came rolling through. dulles, not much for you. about a half inch at bwi marshall. all in all, needed rain across the region. we'll see if we can hold the rain off today. i can't guarantee it but it should be a drier day than yesterday. the big storms that rolled through late yesterday afternoon and evening, well off to the south and east now. we are left with one or two
5:47 am
leftover showers and a rather hazy, rather cloudy atmosphere as the frontal system that was responsible for kicking off the showers now just wavering across the washington area. bottom line here, with that frontal system in the neighborhood later this afternoon, that will serve as an area of lift for some thunderstorms to redevelop later today. best chance will be south and east of the city. that being said, with the energy rolling through here, there is the possibility of some more scattered showers and thunderstorms just when we don't want them, between about 3:00 and 6:00 tonight. temperatures, 75 at reagan national. 68 in leonardtown. we cooled off about 20-degree in an hour yesterday when the storms hit. 7 73 right now in annapolis. if you are outside if a -- for a long period of time, take it
5:48 am
easy. 92 your daytime high. partly cloudy. could be an early storm tonight, 73. wednesday, not bad, scattered thunderstorms return wednesday, thursday, friday, highs about 90 degrees. let's do some on-time traffic with lauren demarco and your fourth of july traffic forecast. >> thank you. hopefully, things will be much better for folks on the national mall tonight that be they were last night with all the that wet weather. we do have a lot of closures around the area as far as constitution avenue and independence. arlington memorial bridge, your best bet is to take metro if you are heading down there. on the roads right now, we are dealing with still a little bit of the aftereffects from the storms. in arlington, north green bay road still closed between 34th and 38th streets due to storm damage. a lot of branches around in that area. take a live look at the trafficland cameras. as you travel florida avenue at
5:49 am
rhode island avenue, we have a wreck there in the intersection. police have some of your lanes blocked. you want to follow their direction to get through that. things are looking pretty good. 395 heading past the pentagon, no problems for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. actor patrick dempsey may be best known as dr. shepherd from gray's anatomy. >> his latest movie is the summer blockbuster, transformers dark of the moon. he talked to kevin mccarthy about the skills needed for an action movie. >> you have dealt with many beautiful actresses through outyour career. do you ever like sometimes get nervous when you are acting with a beautiful woman like that? do you ever get cloaked up? >> it depends on the person. sometimes you get a little nervous until you get to know them. >> you are dealing with things
5:50 am
that aren't there in real life when you do these cgi elements. do you find that harder or easier. what are you really looking at when you are shooting these scenes? >> michael is really good about showing us the sequence. he has a digital movie of what is going on and where the special effects are going to go. then you look at it with a face of whatever character it is you have to relate to. it is not that bad. you get used to it. >> it is no, ma'am -- it is not talking back. are there moments where you can get funny. >> you loosen it up at times. i like that level of intensity and michael really creates that really good positive tension on the set sometimes when you need to have it. your character in the movie, it is different than anything else
5:51 am
you ever played. >> yeah. i can show a different side. >> as an actor, do you sometimes get bemidji on holed into a certain character. -- get pigeonholed into a concern character. >> you wake up really excited because i get a chance to test something out here and do something new and keep it fresh for myself and for hopefully other people. and you really have to show people that you can do something else before they believe it. you need to prove it. it was really nice that michael allowed me to the opportunity to be a part of this movie. >> looks like a fascinating movie. can't wait to see it. stay with us. we have more transformer talk coming up in our next hour when kevin talks with another transformer star, actor tyrese gibson. they are symbols of our nation's freedom and we will show them to you in a way that few people ever get to see. r r
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this is a sight that you could wait hours, days or months for and perhaps never see. cynthia smooth has more on the picture perfect pay-off for a photographer who spent three years watching a family of eying gules we spotted her at the top of an oak tree, a precarious per off for this young eaglet who kathy has been
5:55 am
watching and photographing since the day she was born. >> she was born on "foggy full moon. >> that is why you named her? >> loon ? >> luna. >> she says this one is special. she started watching this nest three years ago documenting their progress frame by frame. >> >> from the beginning, they did their dating, they got married and now they are raising families. >> it's spectacle that stops traffic and attracts just about everybody passing by. >> i come by every day. i either ride my bike or walk with the baby. >> reporter: to watch an avian soap opera play out in front. our eyes. >> it is as the feather turns. that is the case with all the nests. >> with the drama of her managing to pump bell oust nest yesterday, westerly all nile
5:56 am
biting. >> reporter: after falling from the nest, luna spent 24 hours clinging to the tree before dad convinced had he ever she could make it to the oak. as we watched, he flies low with a fish enticing her to try it fly to the nest and suddenly, she does. >> first flight! >> go, luna. >> can you do it. you can do it. drop, drop, drop. >> there comes mom. >> come on, you can do it. >> jubilation all around as we witness luna's official first flight. even eagle watch coordinator bob walker was in a. >> that was the first time i've
5:57 am
ever seen a first flight. >> you are the eagle watch coordinator. >> so this is a rare thing. >> absolutely. >> it also means some day soon, all three eagles will take off for cooler climates just like the snow birds. >> they'll go off a happy little family and she will probably come back next year just to see if she can move back in with mom and dad. >> that is not likely but this is. kathy will be here watching and clicking way. >> it means the world to me. it just means the world to me to be able to do it. >> i'm cynthia smoot, fox news. >> that is cool to see that. >> to see how excited they were and to have the patience to do that. >> the first flight. >> straight ahead at 6:00, whether you are staying at home or braving the crowds at the mat neil, we have effect you need to know to have fun on the fourth of july. we want you to stair your -- share your best places to watch
5:58 am
the fireworks. we are checking on your morning commute and weather. fox 5 morning news will be right back. what
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